Fitness tracker
for horses

Follow and monitor your horses fitness and activity level. Share with friends on Instagram & Facebook

  • Heart Rate : detect injuries, warm up, warm down, recovery rate
  • Body Temperature (fever, detect infection, inflammation, Equine Herpes Virus “EHV-1” etc.)
  • Activity Level (daily steps, fitness index, sleep)
Heart Rate

Warm ups and downs


SMS Alerts

Recovery Rate


24 hours / 7 days


Health Monitoring

Track changes in heart rate and temperature Early detection of diseases and infections

Health Monitoring

Fitail offers fitness tracking functionalities avaialble to athletes at a fraction of the cost

Adapt Training

Keep your horse health everyday and optimize its training Adjust training based on health conditions


Fitail is your horses' companion for a safe and professional training

Protect your horse

No need to have a veterinary coming everyday, Fitail is your horse companion

Keep an eye on your horse health

We care as much as you do about your horse's health and fitness condition Our algorithm use the best of technologies avavilable for humans and optimize them for horses and poneys

Get notified when something isn't right

Track your horse daily activity and sleep patterns Reduce veterinary costs and make your horse a happy and health horse

Your horse doesn't feel good?

Fitail is here to help you assess your diagnostic. Send health reports to your veterinarian even when you're away from your loved horses

Day and Night Monitoring

Monitor your horse fitness 24/7 all year long.

Fitail keeps track of your horse daily activity and health condition (heart rate and body temperature) during training, in the box or during transportation.

Get notified

Fitail is your horse fitness companion. We can notify you or your veterinarian when something isn’t right with your horse

monitor your horse well-being

Fitail give you access to your horses fitness history so you can protect your horse from injuries 

  • Available in two sizes (Adults and foals/poneys)
  • Easily place Fitail on your horse with no need to shave your horse of struggle with electrodes or wet gel!!

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